Solgar Omega 3 950 mg Softgels 100's Bogo (1+1)

Dhs. 391.00Dhs. 333.00

Omega-3 950 mg is Solgar's highest concentration of the natural Omega 3 polyunsaturates EPA and DHA from cold-water fish. This formulation supports cardiovascular, joint and skin health. It is molecularly...

Solgar Omega 3 950 mg Softgels 100's

Dhs. 391.00Dhs. 167.00

Omega-3 950 mg is Solgar's highest concentration of the natural Omega 3 polyunsaturates EPA and DHA from cold-water fish. This formulation supports cardiovascular, joint and skin health. It is molecularly...

Solgar Biotin 10000 mcg 60's

Dhs. 150.00Dhs. 130.00

Biotin is a water-soluble B-vitamin. It helps to promote healthy skin, nails and hair, and is necessary for certain enzymes to work properly. Biotin also supports energy production in the...

Solgar Magnesium Citrate 120 Tablets

Dhs. 160.00Dhs. 120.00

Magnesium helps to regulate calcium transport and absorption. By stimulating the secretion of calcitonin, it aids the influx of calcium into bone and promotes optimal bone mineralization. Along with ATP,...

Solgar Omnium Tablets 90's

Dhs. 450.00Dhs. 349.00

PHYTONUTRIENT COMPLEX MULTIPLE VITAMIN AND MINERAL FORMULA Advanced phytonutrient-rich multiple vitamin and mineral formula. The unique form of iron (iron bisglycinate) formulated for maximum absorption without gastrointestinal irritation or the...

Solgar Vitamin C 1000mg With Rose Hips Tablets 100's

Dhs. 160.00Dhs. 110.00

Vitamin C is an essential, water-soluble vitamin which must be obtained through diet or supplementation. It is one of the most potent antioxidant nutrients and plays an essential role in...

Solgar Zinc 50mg tablets 100s

Dhs. 120.00Dhs. 70.00

Zinc is essential to many of your body’s key functions. It’s an important mineral and antioxidant that plays a major role in supporting general health and wellbeing.* Solgar®’s Zinc 50 mg supplement helps support:...

Solgar Chewable Vitamin C 500 mg Chewable Tablets 90's

Dhs. 150.00Dhs. 99.00

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that helps fight free radicals, which can lead to oxidative stress and the premature aging of cells. One of its primary functions is collagen...

Solgar Gaba Vegetable capsules 500mg 50's

Dhs. 140.00Dhs. 99.00

GABA is an amino acid known for its importance Supports relaxation and a sense of calm, May assist in promoting better sleep, GABA has been shown to support Growth Hormone...

Solgar Glycine Vegetable capsules 500mg 100's

Dhs. 130.00Dhs. 89.00

Glycine is a non-essential amino acid synthesized in the body through various complex pathways involving Threonine Serine Hydroxyproline and Choline metabolism. It is involved in the synthesis of purines porphyrins creatine and glyoxylic acid and...

Solgar L-Carnitine 1500mg Liquid Lemon 473 ml

Dhs. 320.00Dhs. 230.00

L-Carnitine is a dipeptide (formed from two amino acids) that provides support for endurance exercise and recovery from high-intensity exercise. It is found in the mitochondria (powerhouses of cells) where...

Solgar Vitamin B1 Vegetable Capsules 100Mg Thiamin, 100S

Dhs. 120.00Dhs. 79.00

Solgar supplements embody their motto of "Live Vibrantly". Each of their products is science-based, high quality, and designed to support total health and well-being. Their products are distributed throughout the...

Solgar Potassium Tablets 100s

Dhs. 140.00Dhs. 99.00

Potassium is an essential mineral needed by the body. It is found naturally in foods like green leafy vegetables, sunflower seeds, potatoes and bananas. It is vital for muscle activity....

Solgar Vitamin D3 1000iu Softgels 100's

Dhs. 120.00Dhs. 89.00

Solgar Vitamin D3 1000 IU (25 µ) is a premium formula delivering vitamin D in the form that is easiest to use by the body D3. Supporting optimal wellbeing, the...

Solgar Eleuthero Veg Cap 100'S Siberian Ginseng

Dhs. 170.00Dhs. 109.00

olgar's herbal products are minimally processed by a special low-temperature drying method for maximum retention of the plant's naturally occurring nutrients and active constituents. Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement...

Solgar Sfp Bilberry Berry Extract, 60 Vegetable Capsules

Dhs. 200.00Dhs. 129.00

Bilberry is a type of dark blue-skinned berry native to Europe.  bilberries have many health benefits. Bilberries contain several plant compounds that can help fight inflammation, improve heart health, prevent...

Solgar Male Multiple Tablets 120's

Dhs. 400.00Dhs. 299.00

PREMIUM DIETARY SUPPLEMENT: Solgar's Male Multiple tablets are one of Solgars premium-quality men's health products. ADVANCED FORMULA: Solgar Male Multiple tablets provide an advanced phytonutrient multiple vitamin, mineral and herbal...

Solgar Prenatal Nutrients Tablets, 120 Tabs

Dhs. 180.00Dhs. 120.00

PROPRIETARY FORMULA: Tablets provide 100% Daily Value of most of the essential vitamins and minerals for pregnant and lactating women NUTRITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: During pregnancy, a woman's nutritional requirements significantly change...

Solgar Biotin, 100 Vegetable Capsules, 1000 mcg

Dhs. 220.00Dhs. 180.00

Biotin is a water-soluble B vitamin; This formulation provides 10,000 mcg of biotin per serving. Biotin helps to promote healthy skin, nails, and hair and is necessary for certain enzymes to...

Solgar Advanced Acidophilus Plus 60 Vegetable Capsules

Dhs. 300.00Dhs. 199.00

Solgar Advanced Acidophilus Plus Vegetable Capsules are a source of beneficial microorganisms L. acidophilus and B. lactis. This product is formulated with the well-known strains LA-5 and BB-12, helping to...

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