Elgydium Toothpaste Sensitive 75 ml

Dhs. 45.00Dhs. 25.00

Elgydium Sensitive Teeth Toothpaste Gel 75ml is a mild and gentle toothpaste, to use every day, recommended for the sensitive teeth. This gel has an adapted dose of fluorine (1250...

AloeDent® Triple Action Fluoride Toothpaste 100ml

Dhs. 34.00Dhs. 29.00

More than just a brush with nature. We’ve added some of nature’s most trusted ingredients including soothing Aloe vera alongside tea tree oil. You can be sure you are getting...

Elgydium Whitening Toothpaste 75ml

Dhs. 35.00Dhs. 26.00

MICRO-PULVERISED BICARBONATE TOOTHPASTE The micro-pulverised bicarbonate in ELGYDIUM Whitening daily toothpaste helps to remove discolouration from the surface of teeth when used three times a day.

AloeDent Toothpaste Pro Sensitive Enamel & Cavity Protection 75ml

Dhs. 32.00Dhs. 20.50

A breakthrough Aloe Vera toothpaste with advanced cavity protection and maximum sensitivity defense This original toothpaste contains a blend of natural enamel strengthening ingredients with added fluoride protection and scientifically...

Elgydium Toothpaste Gel Kids Fresh Strawberry 50ml

Dhs. 50.00Dhs. 30.00

Elgydium Toothpaste Gel Kids taste banana produced by gel formulation; agentive is gentle on teeth and for protecting baby teeth against cavities. Suitable for children aged 2 to 6 years....

AloeDent Toothpaste Pro Sensitive Extreme Whitening Protection 75ml

Dhs. 30.45Dhs. 21.00

A breakthrough Aloe Vera toothpaste with advanced whitening technology and maximum sensitivity defense This original toothpaste contains a blend of natural whitening ingredients with added fluoride protection and scientifically balanced...

Silca Herbal Extracts Toothpaste 100ml

Dhs. 29.00Dhs. 15.99

Herbal toothpaste containing mint extract meant to freshen your breath, calendula extract to help strengthen gums, camomile extract to relax gums, and hydrated silica extract to gently eliminate plaque. This high-quality...

Elgydium Anti-Plaque Toothpaste 75ml

Dhs. 26.00

Elgydium anti-plaque toothpaste is a daily hygeine toothpaste with chlorhexidine and calcium carbonate,effectively prevents the build-up of dental plaque every day. It also helps protect against tartar and gum irritation....

Elgydium Whitening Toothpaste Cool Lemon 75ml

Dhs. 30.50Dhs. 25.00

Thanks to micro-pulverized sodium bicarbonate, ELGYDIUM Cool lemon Whitening toothpaste helps eliminate external dental stains while preserving the teeth. Its flavor delivers an invigorating fresh sensation.

Elgydium Kids Toothpaste Red Berry 50ml

Dhs. 30.00Dhs. 24.75

Tooth Decay Protection Strengthens tooth enamel Provides effective protection against first cavities Description:The enamel of deciduous teeth is thinner and less mineralized than permanent teeth. Elgydium Kids Teeth Caries Protection...

Biorepair Oral Care Plus Total Protection Toothpaste 75ml

Dhs. 39.00Dhs. 37.00

Total Protection toothpaste: fights oral bacteria No abrasive innovative formula: SLS free, parabens free, titanium dioxide free, fluoride free The only toothpaste based on microRepair, made of the same enamel...

Nano Tooth Sensitivity Serum 30ml

Dhs. 64.00

Whitewash Laboratories Nano Tooth Sensitivy Serum 30 ml WhiteWash Nano Sensitivity serum has been developed by UK dentists and uses Enamel Care Technology?? to help whiten and remineralise teeth. The...

Silca Toothpaste Brilliant White 100ml

Dhs. 23.00Dhs. 17.00

Natural white toothpaste Drinking coffee or tea and also regular smoking may lead to stains on tooth enamel Brilliant white removes these plaque stains and restores the natural white colour...

Silca Toothpaste Sensitive Plus 100ml

Dhs. 23.00Dhs. 10.00

SILCA Sensitive Plus offers all-round protection for sensitive teeth and exposed tooth necks. Ingredients approved by dentists reduce pain sensitivity with a lasting effect and protect against responses to hot,...

Aloe Dent Triple Action Spearmint Toothpaste 100ml

Dhs. 42.00Dhs. 33.00

Brush twice daily with AloeDent for healthy teeth and gums.It is recommended that children should be supervised when brushing their teeth.

Optima Aloedent Sensitive Toothpaste 100ml

Dhs. 30.00Dhs. 22.00

Features: Suitable for Vegans Provides nutrition for skin 100% natural product Description:We've added some of nature's most trusted ingredients including soothing Aloe vera and echinacea to our special formulation for...

Silca Toothpaste Herbal Extract 100ml

Dhs. 23.00Dhs. 11.41

Herbal toothpaste. It contains MINT extract to freshen your breath, CALENDULA extract to strengthen gums, CAMOMILE extract to relax gums, and hydrated silica extract to gently eliminate plaque.  BRAND This...

Dr. Organic Skin Clear Deep Cleansing Face Wash 125ml

Dhs. 50.00Dhs. 35.00

Overview Our 5 in 1 face Wash contains a powerful blend of tea tree oil, orange and grapefruit extracts. These extracts have been combined with natural AHAs (fruit acids) from...

Dr Organic, Organic Skin Clear Face Scrub, Natural, Vegan, Cruelty Free, 150ml

Dhs. 45.00Dhs. 34.00

NATURAL - rich in natural AHAs (Fruit Acids) and Salicylic Acid which help to increase the rate of skin cell renewal, resulting in skin that feels smoother, soothed and clearer...

Dr.Organic Skin Clear 5 In 1 Treatment Gel 10ml

Dhs. 45.00Dhs. 34.00

This fast-acting 5 in 1 treatment gel helps to clear and calm problematic areas of skin such as spots, blemishes and breakouts. Boasting a unique proprietary blend of bioactive, organic...

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