BCAA Intake

BCAA supplements can come in two forms: a tablet or a powder. Out of both BCAA supplements , the powder can taste great as they come in an array of different flavours. It is usual to take around 6 grams of BCAA per serving. However, in order to equal the dosage of powder, you would generally take more tablets.

When to take BCAA powder

BCAA powder can be taken around 2-4 times daily depending on your training plan. During a workout plan, it is normally supplemented before, during or after a workout.

When your session lasts over an hour, it can be a refreshing beverage whilst you train and it helps to keep you hydrated.

You can also supplement BCAA powder first thing on a morning and/or last thing on a night before bed. We advise that you make sure your supplement doesn’t have caffeine in it before bed.

How to take BCAA powder

It is difficult to provide an exact dosage that is suitable for everyone; research suggests 0.03-0.05g/kg body weight per hour or 2-4g per hour during exercise and post workout. BCAA powder can be mixed with water, a cordial or sports drink for use during a workout. BCAAs can also be taken before or post-workout provided that the recommended daily dose is not exceeded.